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Wherein I am featured in videos and podcasts talking nonsense

For reasons that remain mystifying, people occasionally ask me to talk about my work, as though I'm some sort of "expert" on the topic of "writing" or "fantasy" or "humor."

(Why the quote marks? Because people always make them when they use those words in reference to me. I don't know why.)

Recently, I had the incredible pleasure of being a guest on a fantastic podcast called The Acknowledgments, hosted by the delightful Nutan Rubinson. The pod is well worth checking out, especially when I'm not the guest.

I also had the honor of moderating a panel full of funny people for TBRCon this year entitled, "Putting the funny in SFF." Letting me host a panel is like letting a toddler drive, but they did it anyway. Then again, it's not like the guest authors, a murderers' row that included K.R.R. Lockhaven, G.M. Nair, Quenby Olson and David Wragg, are any more mature than I am. Come for the puns, stay for the...well, more puns, I guess.


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