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A (Not So) Classic Tale Gets the Hardcover Treatment (It Doesn’t Even Remotely Deserve)

Dice, knife, a copy of the book The Part About the Dragon Was (Mostly) True

Bibliophiles the world over know there’s nothing quite like the feel of a hardcover book in your hands, especially when it’s nattily attired in a gorgeously illustrated dust jacket. It’s so much more than a book—it’s an experience. The story pulsating between the covers, a mystical alchemy of ink and imagination exponentially greater than the sum of its parts, guides you on a journey to an infinity of impossible destinations. When you’re reluctantly ready to return to reality, the stolid feel of those very same covers, just one design element of a marvel of engineering that can’t possibly be improved upon, slowly draws you back—changed, bettered, by the experience, somehow made more whole.

And now we’ve gone and debased the entire format and experience by re-releasing THE PART ABOUT THE DRAGON WAS (MOSTLY) TRUE in hardcover.

To all of the books in all of the world, and to all of the people who love them, I am truly sorry.

Well, sort of. It’s my publisher’s fault, really, and the good folks at Parliament House Press should feel utterly ashamed of their actions, which have set poor Gutenberg to spinning about willy-nilly in his grave and may do what even the internet has not: kill books entirely.

But, hey—stuff happens. And thanks to the unbelievable work of artist Mateusz Wisniewski, the book will look absolutely gorgeous on your shelves as it precipitates the apocalyptic downfall of literacy. So that’s pretty neat.

When the book originally released in December 2020, the world was in a weird—and bad—place. When the hardcover is released in April, the world will be…well, in a weird, and bad, place. But at least it’s a slightly different weird/bad place…?

Regardless, cast aside your worries and your fears for a little bit and come hang out with some incompetent weirdos who somehow manage to save the day. And for all of you bard-loving D&D fans out there, or all the Critters missing Scanlan…well, Heloise the Bard might just be the antidote to the poison you didn’t even know you were infected with. Or something.

Preorder now from Amazon or Barnes & Noble, or better yet, your favorite local bookshop or If you don’t laugh at least twice, I will give you your monkey* back. I guarantee it.

*Assuming you have given me a monkey at some point

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