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The Part About the Dragon Was (Mostly) True -- Audiobook now available!

Is there anything better than reading a book?

The answer, rational friends, is no, of course not, and don't be ridiculous. But, I suppose I will try to be open-minded for my irrational friends and permit that for some, the answer might be that yes, in fact, there is, and that something is LISTENING to a book.

Well, you're in look--thanks to the absolutely dynamite vocal stylings of the dynamic Haley Catherine, you can now listen to The Part About the Dragon Was (Mostly) True. Haley is a master of accents, and you'll hear her singing prowess when you get to Chapter 12 (if you haven't already downloaded The Dirge of Skendrick from this very site). She's a marvel, and somehow elevated this drivel to make it funny, exciting, and genuinely delightful.

Maybe if we ask really nicely, we can get Haley to do a Q&A on here--stay tuned.

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